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2016 marked a new and exciting step in Young and Hungry’s history as we added a new programme to our activities – EnsembleImpact.

EnsembleImpact tours New Zealand theatre to secondary schools, universities and youth theatre groups around the country with a 50 minute programme. It showcases New Zealand playwrights, tells New Zealand stories, addresses issues that are relevant to New Zealand youth, and employs young New Zealand actors at the start of their professional careers.

Since 2009, thousands of young people from the Far North to the Far South have been inspired by the simply staged performances. OneOneSix

“It is an inspiration to our budding young performers and technicians to see quality work that has been created especially for them, and to see that there is an industry to go into that will pay them a living wage while producing relevant, quality work.” Northland Youth Theatre.

The EnsembleImpact National tour takes place annually in May / June. The work is a collection of 7-9 extracts from NZ plays centred around a theme and includes a short QnA.

The tour is largely aimed at Drama and English students (year 10+) with study materials and resources provided for teachers in February and extra resources and video provided as the tour begins.

It’s a ‘no tech’ show with minimal or symbolic set and costumes.  The work is performed by four professional young actors in traverse (audience are seated on both long sides of the performance area) to up to 180 students at a time.

Information and bookings for the 2017 tour –  OUTLIERS – will launch in September 2016.

Please subscribe to the EnsembleImpact mailing list or email Clare Kerrison at production@youngandhungry.org.nz to be notified when bookings open.

Te Kauwhata colour
Te Kauwhata College 2016

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