Alumni Spotlight: William O’Neill

ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: William O’Neil (Y&H 2009-10)

I totally credit Young & Hungry for helping me become a part of theatre in Wellington. I had a lot of friends who were already involved in theatre but it’s been the connections I made in Young & Hungry’s “professional” environment that have been the most vital – it was through the professionals I had the opportunity to work with during the Festival that I got my first operation and design work. My first job, operating for Katydid (BATS 2010), was lined up before the Festival had even ended.

Since Young & Hungry I’ve had regular work operating at BATS Theatre – it’s like a second home to me now. I recently operated three shows in the Fringe Festival, two of which I also designed, and just this week finished operating two shows consecutively (which, retrospectively, may have been a little foolish).

In the past year I’ve been involved in ten shows (more than I could have ever dreamed) and it’s all thanks to Young & Hungry. In my mind, there’s no contest – it’s the best way for a young person to become involved in theatre in Wellington.