Nurturing tomorrow’s performing arts practitioners and audiences

Young & Hungry began life as a festival under the auspices of BATS (1993/4). Not long afterwards, the Young & Hungry Arts Trust was established. Since then, Y&H has provided opportunities for young creatives (aged 15-25 years) with opportunities to gain hands-on theatre experience and showcase their work. Y&H also takes live theatre to schools and school-aged ambassadors to theatre.

Our Vision

To nurture the development of tomorrow’s performing arts practitioners and audiences.

Our Purpose

For rangatahi in Te Upoko-o-te-Ika (Wellington region) and beyond, passionate about performing arts, Y&H provides the mātauranga (knowledge, skills) and whanaungatanga (relationships, connections) they need to navigate the contemporary performing arts ecology.

Our Values

Our values describe the Y&H experience.

  • Give it a go. We’re here to support you achieve your goals.
  • Put your hand up. We’ll link you with the expertise you need.
  • Be open. We’re here to give you new and lasting experiences.
  • Share what you learn. Let’s build a vibrant community.
  • Leave a legacy. So that NZ plays are scripted, shared and enjoyed.

Our Objectives

Our five objectives support the development of tomorrow’s theatre practitioners and audiences, and the future of the Young & Hungry Arts Trust.

  1. Spark. Support young people* to experience and learn about theatre.
  2. Jump. Provide young people with the opportunity to experience, critique and understand what’s needed for a successful performance.
  3. Deepen. Provide opportunities for young people to deepen expertise in all aspects of performing arts production.
  4. Support. Provide opportunities to promote NZ performing arts, and support youth to explore the sector.
  5. Sustain. Ensure Y&H is a successful and sustainable organisation within a confident and connected culture in Aotearoa New Zealand.

*The term young people describes those still at school and in tertiary education, through to emerging playwrights and practitioners starting out in their career.