Approximate number of young participants in 24 years of Festivals.

The total number of plays commissioned and performed by Young & Hungry. A further four plays were commissioned but not performed. All these plays are held by our partner Playmarket and are available for hire.

Playwrights have written plays for Young and Hungry – all worth mentioning:

Aaron Alexander, Dave Armstrong, Claire Ashton, Dan Bain, Stephen Bain, Antonia Bale & Ban Abdul, Owen Baxendale, Jean Betts, Rochelle Bright, Shane Bosher, Philip Braithwaite, Sam Brooks, Riwia Brown, Grant Buist, Peter Cox, Lucy Craig, Uther Dean, Sarah Delahunty, Zoe Deverick, Emily Duncan, Helen Vivienne Fletcher, David Geary, Miria George, Adam Goodall, Briar Grace-Smith, Fiona Graham, Pip Hall, Joseph Harper, Gary Henderson, Whiti Hereaka, Dean Hewison, Abby Howells, Lauren Jackson, Helen Varley Jamieson, Nathan Joe, Mel Johnston, Eli Kent, Abi King Jones, Hone Kouka, Bevin Linkhorn, Alex Lodge, Francie MacLean, Ralph McCubbin Howell, Gabe McDonnell, Ryan McFadyen, Gareth McMillan, Arthur Meek, Branwen Miller, Kate Morris, Danny Mulheron, Conrad Newport, Vivienne Plumb, Jo Randerson, Rebecca Rodden, Victor Rodger, Thomas Sainsbury, Nic Sampson, Laura Staples, Finnius Teppett, Craig Thane, Georgina Titheridge, Jackie van Beek, Katherine van Beek, Janie Walker


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