Ambassador review: Burn Her

Burn Her
Written by Sam Brooks
Directed by Katherine McRae
Produced by A Mulled Wine
Presented at Circa Theatre

Reviewed by Maddie: 

‘Burn Her’ is a great political drama that reels you in with its story about how the media twists reality. The set is divided into two different worlds which is beautifully articulated through the use of warm and cozy timber next to cold and colourless concrete. The actors carried out stunning performances, fully emerging the audience into the story. Overall, this play and the message it delivers is one not to be missed and was an absolute delight to see.

Reviewed by Jasmine:

After watching this performance, I knew that I just had to write a review about it. In all honesty, when going into the theatre I didn’t think that this play would interest me at all, but as it turns out, I was incredibly mistaken. 

I found this piece amazing, and very moving. The overall theme was an interesting one, as it was so unlike anything I’d seen before, and yet a topic that I wish was more often addressed. The success of this show was in how unique and original it was. The acting was superb and the emotional range of each character was amazing to watch. Seeing this play made it feel as though I was reliving old memories and it truly made me feel things that no other show I’ve watched has made me feel. Again, that is a testament to the incredible emotional acting from the characters. 

A key moment in which this play really stood out to me was George’s monologue towards the end of the play. It was flawlessly executed and whilst the character was incredibly well written, the delivery of the lines were so powerful that I was just awestruck. This was another moment in the play where the importance of the theme really stood out, and I feel as though each member of the audience was aware of it. 

This play was truly powerful, and I am personally grateful to everybody who worked on it to share such a strong and moving piece of theatre.