Ambassador Review – The Pink Hammer

The Pink Hammer
By Michele Amas
Director: Conrad Newport
At Circa Theatre until October 5th, 2019 

Reviewed by Gabbi:

Five people from all paths of life come together in the most unexpected place, a backyard tool shed.

In the midst of racy calendars, sawed through stools and Louise’s dreadful kale muffins, what begins as a lighthearted piece morphs into a touching exploration on the common threads between us all.

As the hardships they face are uncovered, I was moved by the love, acceptance and understanding between them as they became strengthened by the time spent together.

A resounding story and captivating performance, I left ‘The Pink Hammer’ reminded that we are far more alike than different.

Reviewed by Xanthe: 

Five very different people find their lives colliding at a carpentry workshop in a back garden shed. The Pink Hammer explores how completely different people can be brought together with a single goal, how small moments of connection lead to strong bonds that transcend circumstances. I fell in love with the gorgeous set the moment I stepped into the theatre, the attention to detail and realism created such a world for the story to play out in and was creative and engaging for the audience.

Reviewed by Jasmine: 

This performance was interesting. It was entertaining to watch but most of the characters were hard to like, and it is unclear as to whether that is intentional or not. At times it felt as though the actors were overplaying their characters and it felt like the message of the play, which was seemingly a good and important one, was lost in the hyperbolic performance of the actors. I actually really did enjoy this show, but I found that the extreme personalities on stage did ruin it a little. Additionally the end (whilst it was theatrically very effective) felt a little rushed while the first half seemed to drag on a bit. 

I particularly liked the acting of the Irish character. Her carefree selfish nature was refreshing to see, particularly amongst all the other fairly uptight characters, and she was the only character that felt somewhat realistic.

Ultimately, it was good, but I wouldn’t see it again.