Become An Ambassador

At the beginning of each academic year, secondary school teachers are invited to nominate two Drama or English students from years 12 and 13 to apply for the Ambassadors’ Programme.  Applicants are assessed on their passion for theatre, interest in pursuing a career in the arts, academic standing and availability to commit to the programme schedule.

Nominees do not necessarily have to be budding actors; they can also have an active interest in costuming, set construction, lighting or sound design, stage management, play writing, directing or production.  Passion about the wider field of performing arts is the key!


Two Thumbs Up
The Ultimate Theatre Experience

With such a broad range of performance art on offer, we’ve got to ask; what makes a theatre experience truly fantastic?

What do you expect when you go to see a live show? What aspects are most important to you; set, lighting, costumes, performances, the storyline? What was the best theatre performance you’ve ever seen and why?

This is your chance to be a theatre reviewer, so tell us – what makes you give two thumbs up?!