Ambassador Review – The Children

Circa Theatre; March 31, 2019 
Reviewed by Piper, Heretaunga College 

The Children by Lucy Kirkwood and Directed by Susan Wilson is a play performed in Circa Theatre Wellington, with a duration of 1 hour and 45 minutes and at the cost of $25 – $52.

The Children is a dramatic, humorous and sorrowful play.

From entering, John Hodgkins’ set has taken my eye. The old fashioned living/dining and kitchen area are filled with light and small details grabbing you by its blue coloured cupboards and colourful walls.  

The theatrical piece is well performed by the three actors. Each actor has outstanding skills and performs the sad and deep performance brilliantly. The performance had you on the edge of your seat wanting more. They engaged physically as well as vocally with great power.

The sound and lighting were brilliantly executed. The sound and lighting contributed to the production to make an amazing outcome. They worked well together and made you feel like you were watching a TV show or movie. 

My overall impression of the play was breathtaking. I came away feeling shocked and sad but also relieved. Questions began to be answered throughout the play and the foreshadowing was greatly executed. At first, I thought this play wasn’t going to be my cup of tea but as I sat there on the edge of my seat watching the fantastic art in front of me it became my cup of tea. This show is definitely on a to watch list! It is a huge hit in London, New York and Australia stages and deserves the recognition. The beautifully performed and made performance is a wonderful watch and is well recommended. 

Wellington, NZ. 27 March 2019. Circa Theatre. The Children. By Lucy Kirkwood. Directed by Susan Wilson. Opens at Circa One. 30 March to 27 April 2019. Photo credit: Stephen A’Court. COPYRIGHT ©Stephen A’Court

While this play may not be directed towards the younger generations, it did not fail to entertain and resonate with this viewer. Thought provoking and beautifully acted – a piece for any lover of quality theatre.

Morgan, Hutt Valley High School


Ambassador Review – Mrs Krishnan’s Party

Te Auaha Theatre; September 19, 2018 
Reviewed by Alexandra Hickman, Samuel Marsden Collegiate

Remarkable, welcoming and comforting are a few words that easily spring to mind when describing the sequel to the well-received Krishnan’s Dairy, Mrs Krishnan’s Party. Indian Ink is, once again, pulling heartstrings, continuing the story as Mrs Krishnan moves on with life after the death of her husband. Welcomed into her home by optimistic, fun-loving James, we immediately become the heart of the party and are immersed in the tales of the characters as we soon learn that not everything is quite what it seems, for good and for bad. With aspects of a detailed drama and an interactive show aiming to get its audience thinking, Mrs Krishnan’s Party is a unique experience no one should miss.

In Mrs Krishnan’s Dairy, people of all walks of life are brought together, united in confusion, anticipation and fear, to celebrate the South Indian harvest festival of Onam, in a show where nothing goes quite as expected. Rogers’ and Nagarajan’s brilliant mix of improv, script and pure comedic talent make the show. While Mrs Krishnan’s Party will definitely have you laughing from the moment you arrive, the subtle themes of the show hide a deeper message, prompting audiences to consider the true meaning of family, life’s purpose and grappling with change.

The intimate feel is well-created and nurtured throughout the show as the actors move among you and you truly become a part of the plot. With a two-person cast, it is often difficult to keep the wanted atmosphere but both Kalyani Nagarajan (Mrs Krishnan) and Justin Rogers (James) never fail to entertain. Both actors Rogers and Nagarajan add comedic flair as well as bringing the theatre to an absolute standstill in those tense moments when you could hear a pin drop. For Indian Ink fans, this was a unique peek into the background of Krishnan’s Dairy, with a set that more than makes up the behind-the-scenes of our imagination.

Mrs Krishnan’s Party is a truly one-of-a-kind experience and one that should not be skipped. Mrs Krishnan’s Party will continue to feature in Wellington until September 29th and booking tickets is definitely worth it for a night out of heart-warming, quality theatre.

Y&H Ambassadors Janhavi, Alexandra and Anna with Justin Rogers after the performance of Mrs Krishnan’s Party.