Kim Bonnington

Kim Bonnington has agreed to write our study resources. Read more about her below.

The resources, the Q&A and a digital filming of the work form part of Young & Hungry’s commitment to provide more curriculum support for the National Schools Tour.

The resources will include pre and post show activities that will explore drama techniques, conventions etc.   

Kim Bonnington works as an accredited Arts Facilitator for Education Support Services for the University of Otago.  She has most recently been an Arts facilitator on the Secondary Student Achievement Contract, working with Secondary School teachers on developing Culturally Responsive practice within Teaching as Inquiry projects.

She has a long history of service on the Drama New Zealand Executive and has held a number of different contracts in the development of NCEA.  She is particularly interested in how students respond to theatre according to their own language, identity and culture and will be using this as her core pedagogical practice in her work designing the education packs and workshops.​

Comments from teachers on the 2018 resource kit: 

“I have looked through the resources and will be using all of them at different times of the year/s. I am very grateful for them.”

“Very helpful.”


“Great to have more in depth resources to embed the learning and the film will help remind the students before exam time.”


OUTLIERS All Playwrights confirmed

The playwrights whose work is in the 2017 EnsembleImpact National Schools Tour are confirmed!

OUTLIERS will include an extract from Manawa by Jamie McCaskill. Jamie was awarded the Bruce Mason Playwrighting Award in 2012, the year Manawa debuted. His current projects include Tikapa productions and the The Māori Side Steps webisode series.

Also included in the tour is a monologue from A Cripple Talks About Anatomy by Henrietta Bollinger, The play was shortlisted in 2012 for Playmarket’s b4 25 competition. Henrietta’s current projects include the Token Cripple column for Salient magazine.

The rest of the playwrights are Greg McGee, Briar Grace-Smith, Sam Brooks, FME Desmarais, Nathan Joe, Ralph McCubbin Howell and Lori Leigh. List of all the extracts.

Curriculum support materials include free digital access to a filming of the work, online study guide and the chance to add on an UNPACK IT! workshop at low cost.

Tour route, pricing and key information

The EnsembleImpact National Tour is a 50-minute bare bones programme of quality NZ theatre that comes direct to your drama room or auditorium. Touring 9 May – 23 June.

The tour is going to nearly 30 schools so far, with Wellington, Christchurch, Timaru, Queenstown, Waikato, Northland, Auckland, Whakatāne and Hawkes Bay confirmed. There are still performance slots in all those areas available. Don’t see your area represented yet? Get in touch to make it happen! [email protected]

2016 Bruce Mason playwright: Sam Brooks


We’re back into our Wellington office this week after a structural all-clear. Our hearts go out to everyone affected by the latest seismic activity.

The other major event on Sunday 13th was that NZ Playwright Sam Brooks received the 2016 Bruce Mason Award. We’re including the fabulous ‘Beyonce’ monologue from Sam’s Queen in the 2017 EnsembleImpact National Schools Tour. 

Sam is already part of the Young and Hungry family. His play The 21st Narcissist was commissioned in the 2014/15 Playwright’s Initiative and in the 2015 Festival of New Theatre.

The EnsembleImpact National Tour is a 50-minute bare bones programme of quality NZ theatre that goes direct to a school’s drama room or auditorium. Touring 9 May – 23 June. 

The tour is filling out with over 20 schools in Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch, Timaru, Queenstown, Waikato, Northland, Auckland, Whakatane and Hawkes Bay confirmed.  There are still performance slots available in those areas and areas not yet represented.

Tour route, pricing and key information 

“At the end of it, that’s what we do. We make people feel a little less alone in the world.”- Sam Brooks, 2016 Bruce Mason Playwright

OUTLIERS – Prescribed List playwrights confirmed

We’ve confirmed two NZ playwrights from the NZQA prescribed list who will feature in OUTLIERS, the 2017 EnsembleImpact National Schools Tour.

The cast will perform the outgoing monologue from Greg McGee‘s Foreskin’s Lament and an extract from the work of Briar Grace-Smith.

Kerryn Palmer (Director) and KC Kelly (Dramaturg) are busy reading a a range of modern NZ plays which reflect the OUTLIERS theme. We’ll be sharing more confirmed playwrights in late November and the finalised list of extracts will be available to teachers in January 2017.

The EnsembleImpact National Tour is a 50-minute bare bones programme of quality NZ theatre that comes direct to your drama room or auditorium.  Touring 9 May – 23 June. 

Tour route, pricing and key information 

Or email Clare Kerrison [email protected] to make a booking enquiry now.

OUTLIERS features extracts from modern NZ plays that voice what it is like in the out-groups and in-groups of a normalising world. Whether punk, hoon, goth, geek, queer, nerd or whatever, this show can open discussion about the labels we identify with and the ones we’re stuck with.

Excellent use of dramatic conventions which relates clearly to the external NCEA exam – very easy to write about. – Havelock North High School

Again our students were inspired by the ‘coolness’ of NZ theatre – a great achievement, thank you! – Selwyn College