Power Plays Script and Framing 2016

The extracts for Power Plays were chosen by Arthur Meek and director, Leo Gene Peters to both fit into the theme of ‘everyday underdogs trying to win at life’ as well as be extracts that show a complete moment, like a mini-journey for a character or event.

The extracts chosen are from (in the order they were played in):

– The Cottage
– Charles Darwin: Collapsing Creation
– On the Upside Down of the World
– Mando The Goatherd
– Sheep

Schools who booked the tour can download a free copy of the extracts using the password on their tour info and set up sheet.  Please email Clare Kerrison at [email protected] if you need this again.

Universities and other organisations, please apply to Playmarket for copyright.

The Ensemble (Cast members: Calvin Petersen, Katrina Wesseling, Shane Murphy and Johanna Cosgrove) and the Director (Leo Gene Peters) devised a ‘framing’ text to go around the extracts. The framing places the extracts in a theatrical ‘seminar’ where the Ensemble use the language of the schools curriculum drama matrix to establish the conceit that viewing the ‘seminar’ will enable everyone to ‘achieve life goals.’