Second Afterlife by Ralph McCubbin Howell


About the Playwright


Social media and self-obsessed outlier Dan has turned eighteen and he’s about to delete Facebook for good. But Facebook is having none of it. Dan is sucked into the underworld of the internet where McCubbin Howell uses classic this-is-your-life devices inspired by Dante’s Inferno and Dicken’s A Christmas Carol to teach Dan what a jerk he’s been to his friends; Bea in particular. Along the way he must epic-battle the ghost of his old World of Warcraft profile, tango-battle the ghost of his fake NZDating profile and, in the scene we’ve chosen for OUTLIERS, guitar-hero battle the ghost of his deleted cheek-bone heavy Bebo profile.

Dan wins these battles by using his new-found maturity against his past embarrassing flaws. In the final battle though, it’s the ghost of Bea’s defunct twitter profile that reminds him to embrace his past selves in order to live in the now.

Second Afterlife was commissioned and produced by Young and Hungry in 2014 as part of the Playwrights’ Initiative and Festival of New Theatre

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