RPM (2008)

Written by Dave Armstrong

Directed by Leo Gene Peters

RPM is a play about six young people and the cars in which they drive. 17-year-old girl racer Justine tries to break up from her unhappy relationship with spoilt older boyfriend Luke, but finds it difficult, until apprentice mechanic Phil appears on the scene. Meanwhile the virginal 15-year-old Vanessa is keen on Sam, but he seems afraid to take their platonic friendship any further. When Justine’s best friend, the desperate and dateless Rose, throws herself at Sam, and Justine finally has the courage to drop Luke, a crisis ensues. Luke, fuelled by vodka and a full tank of gas, takes off with a jealous Vanessa, on what seems like a suicide mission. When a fatal crash is reported, it’s time for everyone to face up to the consequences.

Directed by Leo Gene Peters (Strange Resting Places, Settling) and written by Dave Armstrong (Where We Once Belonged, King and Country, Niu Sila), RPM is a humorous, high-octane drama about love, relationships and fast cars. A show not to be missed!


Phil: Chris Smith
Sam: Hayden Frost
Vanessa: Cherri Hartigan
Luke: Ashton Henty
Rose: Anna Pearson
Justine: Debs Rea

Directed by Leo Gene Peters

Stage Manager: Maaike Olsthoorn

Costume Design: Axel Olsthoorn

Set Design: Daniel Williams

Production Assistants: Belinda Robertson and Nick Barraclough

Sound Design: Vaughn Wallace

Lighting Design: Kat Shanahan

Publicity: Sophia Elisabeth, William O’Neill, Kat Shanahan