Wellington 2013

26 JULY – 10 AUGUST 2013

Young and Hungry Arts Trust will be celebrating its 19th birthday with another sweet-as festival season at BATS Theatre.

We have three great plays by three exciting young playwrights! They tackle big and small issues of life – like saving the world, honesty, loyalty and friendship, dripping taps and who got trashed at the party on Saturday night. Rehearsals are now underway and the design teams are busy.

DRAGONLORE by Nic Sampson

Director: Richard Dey

A brief introduction to the world of LARPing (Live Action Role Playing). Step 1: Go to the woods. Or your parent’s farm. Or somewhere with at least one tree. Step 2: Dress up as your favorite wizard, goblin, half-cat half-person. Step 3: Get into character….what does your half-cat half-person sound like? What are their dreams? Fears? Thoughts on local Government? Step 4: Fight each other with foam sticks. Step 5:  Let your imagination run wild!
Dragonlore is a bitter-sweet comedy set in the (mostly) unknown and oft-scorned world of LARPing. But when you really think about it, cricket is a weird game too.

Atlas/Mountains/Dead Butterflies by Joseph Harper

Director: Ralph Upton

Rhys and Phoebe live together at 10 Stencil Terrace, where their tap is dripping. Rhys wants to do something. Phoebe doesn’t. Together and apart, they’re shaken into action/inaction as Atlas buckles under the weight of the world. Activists, statues, plumbers, and hundreds of millions of dead butterflies fall into their lives as they wait for it to snow, and the taps go drip, drip, drip.

TRASHBAG by Georgina Titheridge

Directed by Alison Walls

From the stall that brought you Sit on It. Trashbag is the comedy the follows 12 teens at one party, and asks are they really having that much fun?



BOOK online – www.bats.co.nz or call (04) 802 4175

Full Price $18      –     Season Pass
Concession $14   –     Season Pass $36
Groups 6+ $13    –     Season Pass $36
School 6+ $10     –     Season Pass $30

With BATS Theatre closing for earthquake strengthening and renovations in 2013, Y & H will perform in their temporary home on the corner of Cuba & Dixon Streets- BATS Out of Site!