OUTLIERS – Prescribed List playwrights confirmed

We’ve confirmed two NZ playwrights from the NZQA prescribed list who will feature in OUTLIERS, the 2017 EnsembleImpact National Schools Tour.

The cast will perform the outgoing monologue from Greg McGee‘s Foreskin’s Lament and an extract from the work of Briar Grace-Smith.

Kerryn Palmer (Director) and KC Kelly (Dramaturg) are busy reading a a range of modern NZ plays which reflect the OUTLIERS theme. We’ll be sharing more confirmed playwrights in late November and the finalised list of extracts will be available to teachers in January 2017.

The EnsembleImpact National Tour is a 50-minute bare bones programme of quality NZ theatre that comes direct to your drama room or auditorium.  Touring 9 May – 23 June. 

Tour route, pricing and key information 

Or email Clare Kerrison [email protected] to make a booking enquiry now.

OUTLIERS features extracts from modern NZ plays that voice what it is like in the out-groups and in-groups of a normalising world. Whether punk, hoon, goth, geek, queer, nerd or whatever, this show can open discussion about the labels we identify with and the ones we’re stuck with.

Excellent use of dramatic conventions which relates clearly to the external NCEA exam – very easy to write about. – Havelock North High School

Again our students were inspired by the ‘coolness’ of NZ theatre – a great achievement, thank you! – Selwyn College