2016 Festival of New Theatre

Our 2016 season explored our relationships in many manifestations – BFFs, one-night-stands, family, flatmates, religion, and Twitter. 

15 – 30 July 2016
BATS Theatre, 1 Kent Tce, Wellington 

Directed by Jane Yonge

Welcome to the jungle-gym; where an all encompassing primary school friendship meets religious fervour meets the need to find your own identity. Who are you without your BFF’s?

Bloody Hell Jesus (Get Your Own Friends) follows the trials and turbulence of friendship between two girls, after one converts to Christianity, set against a backdrop of geeks, freaks, god squad, pot heads, punks, and Hipster Jesus…

Everyone needs to find their own rhythm.

LIKE SEX By Nathan Joe
Directed by Samuel Phillips

Samantha wants to bang Ben, Ben is in love with Mandy, Mandy is dating James, James is flirting with Natalie, Natalie confides in Lisa, and Lisa is using Gary.

In a series of episodic scenes, Like Sex captures the awkward, hormonal and selfish nature of teenage relationships in a real and honest way, with the characters revealing their lusty desires through the ‘joys’ of humanity’s favourite taboo.

A play for anyone who has ever been young, horny and confused.

DEAD DAYS By Owen Baxendale
Directed by Debra Mulholland

Life. Death. Palmy.

Meet Max; a misanthropic mortician’s apprentice who finds himself stuck between a rock and a hard place – the rock being the paternal pressure at his embalming gurney, and the hard place being the freedom to follow his gut to get out.  All he needs is a shock to the system.

Death is inevitable. The dead returning is not.