Ambassador Show Reviews

Y&H Ambassadors attend a range of performing arts events each season.  They are encouraged to research the shows, learn about the different genres and performance styles, and develop their appreciation and critical thinking as audience members.  Throughout the season the Ambassadors are required to write a number of reviews.  Below are examples of some of this year’s show reviews; here’s what our Ambassadors had to say…


Cock – Reviewed by Xanthe & Phil 

The Turn of the Screw – Reviewed by Phil & Xanthe & Gabbi  

The Pink Hammer – Reviewed by Gabbi & Xanthe & Jasmine 

Burn Her – Reviewed by Maddie K & Jasmine

The Barber of Seville – Reviewed by Maddie K

Waiting for Godot – Reviewed by Maddie B

Waiting for Godot – Reviewed by Jasmine 

Conversations with Dead Relatives – Reviewed by Chantelle

Micronation Street play reading – Reviewed by Xanthe

The Children – Reviewed by Piper

The Children – Reviewed by Maddie


Mrs Krishnan’s Party – Reviewed by Alexandra

The Atom Room – Reviewed by Ben