2020 Y&H Schools Tour

In 2020, as with many of our arts whanau, our programmes were caught up in the COVID-19 disruption. The 2020 Y&H Schools Tour, WHADDARYA?, which explores New Zealand identity through extracts from key New Zealand plays, was deferred until term 2, 2021.

2019 Y&H Schools Tour

I AM MĀORI showcases extracts from plays by Māori playwrights including Witi Ihimaera, Hone Kouka and Mīria George. Directed by the late Nancy Brunning, the work touches on family issues, politics and land rights. The common thread: ordinary people doing extraordinary things to change their world.

2018 Y&H Schools Tour

A COUNTRY OF TWO HALVES features key extracts from modern plays that help us understand how the other half lives – have and have-not, city and rural, privileged and un-empowered. This show opens discussions about the misunderstandings that keep us divided and what brings us together.

2017 Y&H Schools Tour

OUTLIERS voice what it’s like in the out-groups and in-groups of a normalising world. Focused on the perspective of the outlier, this show opens discussion about the labels we identify with and the ones we’re stuck with. It includes extracts from Greg McGee’s Foreskins Lament and Briar Grace-Smith’s Purapurawhetū.

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