2017 Play Extracts


Directed by Kerryn Palmer, OUTLIERS features 9 extracts from modern NZ plays that voice what it is like in the out-groups and in-groups of a normalising world. Focused on the perspective of the outlier, the show can open discussion about the labels we identify with and the ones we’re stuck with.

Here is a list of playwrights and plays included in the programme, plus a short synopsis of the excerpt we’ll be using. For more indepth information about the extracts and the playwrights, see our study resources.

The play extracts

Foreskin’s Lament by Greg McGee.  We’ll be including most of the final poetic monologue of this much-studied play where ‘rugby culture’ is questioned by a star player.

Purapurawhetū by Briar Grace-Smith. Tyler, a male weaver, is under pressure to deliver a panel for the new wharenui in time for the opening.

Queen by Sam Brooks.  The fabulously uplifting ‘I want to be Beyoncé’ speech from the 2016 Bruce Mason Playwright.

Manawa by Jamie McCaskill.  Jimmy’s new cellmate, Mau Vaiaga, is new to both prison and this fast-talking maoli. (Note: cursing in all extracts has been edited but we retain some cursing in context).

A Cripple Talks About Anatomy by Henrietta Bollinger. Insight from the perspective of a wheelchair user.

Second Afterlife by Ralph McCubbin Howell. A guitar hero battle between a former ’emo’ and the personification of social media platform, Bebo.

Home / The Hilarious Comedy About How I Nearly Killed Myself / A Play About How I Nearly Died But Didn’t Then Learned A Lot About Life Afterward by FME Desmarais. ‘Is that a geezer or a chick?’ A debate about gender identity. (Note: the extract we’ve chosen makes no reference to self-harm or dying).

Like Sex by Nathan Joe. The final duo from this ‘La Ronde’ inspired play from the 2016 Playmarket b4 25 playwright is where two lonely teens decide to be friends. (Note: overt sexual content has been edited).

Closure by Lori Leigh.  It’s the end of the romance and Elle is trying to return everything (literally everything) Gabrielle left behind. (This scene has been commissioned for the tour to provide a positive and comic representation of lesbian characters. To find out more about our decision to commission this piece read the director’s note).