2017 Schools Tour

Young and Hungry present the 2017 EnsembleImpact National Schools Tour


Outlier: noun

a. Someone who stands apart from others of his or her group, as by differing behaviour, beliefs, or abilities.

Synonyms: nonconformist, maverick; original, eccentric, bohemian; genius, prodigy; dissident, dissenter, iconoclast; outsider…

EnsembleImpact National Schools Tour (Womanz Work!, Asian Invasion, Power Plays) is back with a 50-minute bare bones programme of quality NZ theatre that comes direct to your drama room or auditorium.

The 2017 theme is OUTLIERS, featuring key extracts from modern NZ plays that voice what it is like in the out-groups and in-groups of a normalising world. Focused on the perspective of the outlier, this show can open discussion about the labels we identify with and the ones we’re stuck with.

The programme featured two playwrights on the NZQA prescribed reading list: an extract from Greg McGee‘s Foreskins’ Lament and one from Briar Grace-Smith‘s Purapurawhetū.  An extract from Queen by 2016 Bruce Mason Playwright, Sam Brooks, will also be included.  List of all extracts.

Directed by Kerryn Palmer (Director of Asian Invasion, 2014 Tour) and performed in traverse by four professional actors, the show requires no lighting or sound set up. It is ideally suited to Drama students in years 10 -13 and has a 5-minute Q and A built into the programme.  Touring 9 May – 23 June.


A FREE extension of the QnA for up to 15 minutes can be arranged at time of booking.

New! UNPACK IT! Round out your booking with a low cost half hour workshop run by the cast and designed by one of our teacher consultants. UNPACK IT! will unpack key moments of the show, using NZQA guidelines to help students with external exam requirements.

Curriculum support

Your schools booking includes FREE access to a digital filming of the work, interviews with the creative team and a downloadable study guide tailored to exam requirements.

“For so many of us in rural areas your mahi is the one thing we can rely on to support us with 1.7, 2.7 and 3.7 (view a live performance).” – Okaihau College

“This is the type of theatre our students need to be seeing more of, trying to move them into more innovative and interesting ways of conveying message to audience.”
Nelson College for Girls