Broken River

by Ralph McCubbin Howell (2013)

Nick and Brooke grew up in the same small rural town. They were part of the same group of friends who went to school together, got into trouble together, had fights, friendships, fun times – the lot. Eventually they became a couple with their future seemingly mapped out ahead of them. Then Nick left. Now he’s returned as the community is violently split down the middle over a water crisis. As the entire play deals with this there is no one scene that represents this dichotomy. Rather in this scene that we’ve chosen for A COUNTRY OF TWO HALVES, they think about what was, what might have been, what would have happened if Nick had stayed. What are your plans when you leave school? Are you happy to be here or are you itching to leave – “Do I Stay or Do I Go?”

About Ralph

2014 Bruce Mason Playwriting Award winner Ralph McCubbin Howell is a Wellington based writer who has written for Young and Hungry and is, with Hannah Smith, the award winning theatre company Trick of the Light. His credits include collaborating on ‘A Most Outrageous Humbug’ (Pick of the Fringe, NZ Fringe 2009), and ‘Who’s Neat? You!’ (Best of Theatre, NZ Fringe 2010). For Trick of the Light Theatre Company, he has written his most recent scripts – ‘The Engine Room’ (Outstanding New Playwright – Chapman Tripp Theatre Awards 2011), ‘The Road That Wasn’t There’ (Outstanding New New Zealand Play, and Production of the Year – Chapman Tripp Theatre Awards 2013, Auckland Arts Festival Award – Auckland Fringe Awards 2013), and ‘The Bookbinder’ (Best Theatre, Best in the Fringe – NZ Fringe Awards 2014). In 2013 he wrote ‘Broken River’ for a BATS Theatre STAB commission, and in 2014 his play ‘Second Afterlife’ premiered as part of the Young and Hungry Festival of New Theatre at BATS Theatre in Wellington. Most recently Trick of the Light performed ‘Troll’ at BATS Theatre in 2018

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