FAQ Y&H Tours

Below are some pointers which may help with your questions. If you can’t find the information you are looking for here, please get in touch and we are happy to help.

To contact us at the office, please email us on [email protected] or call 04 385 8227.

Study Guide: 

Your booking includes free digital access to a film of a live filming of the show, along with pre and post show activities created by Kim Bonnington.  These are password protected and the access will be sent to you after your booking and before the tour starts.

If you didn’t receive the access information or are having difficulties logging in, please contact us. 


The audience sits on both sides of the performers ensuring an intimate experience for everyone. We prefer a minimum performing area of 9m x 5m with audience seated on the long sides.  It is better for sight lines if the audience is seated on the floor, however, chairs can make up the back row. 

Maximum Audience:

The work is designed for between 25 – 150 audience members. If you have too many students, this could impact on sight lines and ability to hear the performances. There is an option to book a second show on the same day at less than half the price.  

If you have too few to make a visit from us cost effective, consider combining forces with a nearby school. Can we help?


Please ensure an empty chair-free space is available with a minimum performing area of 9m x 5m (see above for more information about traverse set up). The performers will place some props at either end of the designated performance space.

Please feel free to have chairs available in back rows to accommodate staff or students who cannot sit on the floor. If seating on the floor is inappropriate for the space then chairs set up in traverse is fine although be aware that this will affect sight lines for larger groups.


The work is performed without stage lighting or speaker system. So it’s a very easy set up of normal house or room lights on full. The actors will set up their own props within the space. 

Because the performers could potentially be in bare feet, please make sure the stage is swept and clear of sharp objects. 


The four performers will arrive at least half an hour before the performance and sign in at the office. Please let us know if you have any specific requirements for them arriving at the school.   

They’ll be in a people mover with a few easy to carry props and boxes so nearby parking is appreciated as well as a quite space (most often the performance space) for them to warm up in.

The performers will greet the audience coming in and interact while seating them and will indicate when the performance is starting.

Late Start:

We understand that getting students there on time can be tricky but that doesn’t alter when the period ends. We’ve prepared a 50 minute programme with 5 minutes of Q&A built in. This Q&A time can be cut if the show has to start late.

More Q&A?:

Yes! At booking time you can ask for a FREE extended Q&A for up to 15 minutes.  


We ask for $250+GST deposit to secure your booking – you can pay this in the previous financial year if you prefer, otherwise we’ll send deposit invoices out at the end of January. The second and final invoice will be issued immediately following the performance. Pricing information.