Study Guide 2017 OUTLIERS

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OUTLIERS includes 9 extracts from NZ plays. Each dedicated play page below includes a summary of the full play, the excerpt we’ve included, information about the playwright and, where available, words from the playwright about their writing inspiration or process.

If you wish to read entire scripts of any of the plays included in OUTLIERS please contact Salesi Le’ota at Playmarket here.

Second Afterlife by Ralph McCubbin Howell
Closure by Lori Leigh
Foreskin’s Lament by Greg McGee
Like Sex by Nathan Joe
Home by FME Desmarais
Manawa by Jamie McCaskill
A Cripple Talks about Anatomy by Henrietta Bollinger
Purapurawhetū by Briar Grace-Smith
Queen by Sam Brooks

Plus some words from the Director, Kerryn Palmer

Directors Notes