Urban Hymns by Mīria George (2009)

After his mother’s death, Joseph’s job at the local petrol station pays the family’s power and phone bills. He enjoys his job, but he also enjoys school. Realising that his father has lost his job, Joseph becomes desperate when he also is given notice. Money talks in Joseph’s neighbourhood and the marketplace rules – a marketplace that deals in dubious commodities. In the scenes included in A COUNTRY OF TWO HALVES, Joseph turns to his friend Tobias for an answer and together they make a plan – the first worst decision of their lives. 

About Mīria

Mīria George (Te Arawa; Ngati Awa; Rarotonga & Atiu, Cook Islands) is a poet, and writer for theatre, radio and television. Mīria’s award-winning work has toured New Zealand. In 2007 ‘and what remains’ marked Mīria’s international debut as a playwright. ‘He Reo Aroha’, co-written with Jamie McCaskill, premiered in Wellington at the New Zealand International Arts Festival in 2010. Her work has toured internationally, including Canada, Hawai’i, Australia and the United Kingdom. Mīria holds a Masters in Creative Writing from Victoria University of Wellington’s International Institute of Modern Letters. Also a published poet, ‘The Wet Season’ is Mīria’s debut collection of poetry, published by the Wai-te-ata Press.  Mīria is a co-founder of Tawata Productions and Tawata Press. Most recently she directed Hone Kouka’s ‘Bless the Child’ for the New Zealand and Auckland Festivals.

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