Young and Hungry announces 2018 EnsembleImpact Schools Tour


A COUNTRY OF TWO HALVES will present extracts from NZ plays that help us understand how the ‘other half’ live: whether haves and have nots, rural and city, privileged and un-empowered, mainland and Northland. A COUNTRY OF TWO HALVES can open discussion about the misunderstandings that keep us divided and what brings us together.

The EnsembleImpact Schools Tour presents a 50 minute bare bones programme of quality NZ theatre that comes direct to your drama room or auditorium. The extracts will include at least two playwrights on the NZQA prescribed list and the performance will be supported by extensive educational resources and a video for later study.

Touring 14 May – 6 July 2018. Tour information and bookings

Young and Hungry is pleased to announce that Patrick Davies will direct A COUNTRY OF TWO HALVES.

I’m thrilled to be directing for EnsembleImpact! It’s an exciting opportunity to rake through the rich history of New Zealand playwrights in presenting polarised aspects of our culture.


“EnsembleImpact allows students and teachers to cross reference themes across differing plays, creating contrasts that are springboards for discussion, not only in drama, but also in social studies, history and culture. These excerpts also provide students with examples of the theatre world in relation to the world they live in.”

With an international background in improvisation, acting, and teaching, Patrick came to Wellington in 2006 to begin his Masters in Theatre Arts (Directing) at Toi Whakaari/Victoria University of Wellington. He has worked with Auckland, Northland and Otago Youth Theatres and has taught Directing and Shakespeare Performance at the National Youth Drama School. Most recently he directed Atilla the Hun for Young & Hungry and he currently works for the New Zealand Festival as the Education and Community Coordinator.